First Time Homebuyers!


Today I had a great meeeting concerning a big step:

The decision to jump into becoming a First Time Home Buyer!


I relate to the idea of wanting to purchase a home but having a fear of the unknown.

The current market seems to be sending some real mixed signals: news headlines are at both sides of the spectrum. Within the same day you can see information pointing to a sluggish ecomomy and low employment rates, and the next article can be projecting growth and positive movement.

With so many possible uncertainties, a lot of potential players in the real estate game choose to wait it out. Some people are still playing catch-up and trying to get their credit as ideal as possible or paying down debt, while others are anxiously holding off for the market to get better before making a big decision.

My conclusion is that there is no need to be nervous on buying that first home right now, once you feel comfortable making some steps in the right direction. For example: your credit does not need to be perfect, but it is a good idea to keep current on your reports and pay down some of the higher debts you may have (credit cards, medical bills, or other things that use up a big chunk of your income). You also do not need a ton of money down, but having a small amount of savings can help your chances of having a strong offer as well as gaining your pre-approval letter.

There are some great programs right now that may disappear in the future!


Purchasing your first home can be rewarding and exciting!

Home ownership can provide you and your family with a safe, secure environment, more control over your living space, and is a great way to raise your net worth and savings.

Taking advantage of the amazingly low mortgage rates available (as low as 2.5 for 15 year.. wow!), seems like a very strong motivator in the purchasing side of the scale.


The last point I want to express:

Waiting for the market to improve sounds good in theory.. but when looking at that idea as a buyer, this equals higher prices are on the horizon!

Wanting to get a good price on a home that is sure to appreciate is an excellant plan to invest in the future for yourself or your family.



If you would like any help or guidance in starting this process, please let me know.

I have some great people who are ready to figure out an ideal plan for opening your door to home ownership!

Did you know…When a buyer works with a Realtor, buyers benefit by receiving a service, but the seller "pays for both agents". This means that the only payment I receive comes directly from the seller's agent. As a buyer, there's no reason to make this hunt and journey alone!

I enjoy helping buyers, because the opportunity is worth it!



Posted on October 24, 2012 at 10:36 pm
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