Hey Portlanders: 43 things to do for Earth Day!

One of the greratest things about living in the Portland area is our ability to see the planet as something we want to preserve for the future, even if we aren't here to see it. The earth is being borrowed from our kids, right?

I am drawn to the lifestyle of eco-conciousness, and have made steps in the right direction to live more "green." While I can't quite make the plunge to abandon my car completly (I like those beach and Gorge trips a little too much!), I know there are always a few more tips I can afford to add to my lifestyle!

In honor of Earth day, I wanted to share some great suggestions on living just a little more green!

My favorites are the home compost starting and pulling weeds instead of spraying them (seems an easy switchover!).

A great help is the info to contact an OSU master gardener for help in diagnosing plant problems and tips on how to maintain plants without toxic chemicals.

Check out extension.oregonstate.edu/mg/metro/questions or call your county master gardener line at 503-655-8631 (Clackamas), 503-445-4608 (Multnomah), 503-821-1150 (Washington).  

I'll be using that line this spring! Bring on the Tomatoes and peas, they're being planted this week!

Enjoy that sunshine!


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Posted on April 22, 2013 at 8:07 pm
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