Housing Market is HOT for sellers! (not like you needed me to point it out!)

House Market Rising

HOT, HOT, hot (and not just the weather!)


Saw this article recently that really hit home as far as prices rising, inventory feeling lower than ever, but still feeling confident in the market:

Record-setting July for Portland

I have to agree, that it is a little intimidating for buyers trying to enter the homebuyer race for homes, but is well worth it! If buyers are able to get an offer accepted and find a place that fits them, it is an incredible time to buy. According to the RMLS market action, right now the appreciation is higher than most anything else you could invest your dollars into: 10.4%: meaning that for the SE Portland area you will make $10,400 per $100,000 you spend. Even if you are getting a mortgage, spending 4% on interest would still generate 6% return on your dollar!

 Just living in your home makes you money! That's what you want to hear! 



Posted on August 24, 2015 at 8:15 pm
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