Portland is booming… and the city is changing to adapt!

Watching Our Growing City

If you have driven through Portland recently, either in the West Hills, Downtown, or even in our quieter SE Portland Neighborhoods… you get the sense of quick and exciting change. The city is growing, and the development is everywhere. We sense the frenzy in the increased traffic and construction, and see the boom in real estate prices too.

If you catch yourself curious about what EXACTLY is popping up where, a great site to check out:


This is the Portland Business Journal’s interactive guide to the major developments that are changing the city. We’re tracking as many projects as we can find — from the early planning stages through construction and completion. Click on a point for a quick summary of the project, then follow the links to our latest coverage to learn more!

The latest estimates predict our population growing by 700,000 people by 2030— where are the new home projects going to be?

Track new construction, investment areas, residential projects, commercial areas, rental housing movements, and more!

Watching the City Grow!

Portland New Construction Tracking

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