What are Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods?

Where home prices were highest in 2016
Jan 26, 2017, 2:21pm

Hottest ‘Hoods: Where Portland Real Estate home prices were

highest in 2016


We know the market FEELS hot everywhere (about 11.4 percent increase on average, in 2016.)…

but what Portland ‘hood is the fetching the highest?

“The neighborhoods with the highest sales price aren’t exactly surprises. Close-in neighborhoods — desirable for their commute, ideal location to restaurants, parks and other amenities — had the highest average prices in the city, as did a few outlying areas with reputations for being on the pricier side.” (That being said…There are still a few surprises in there!)


Click though the photos to find out how your neighborhood (or your ideal destination) stacks up!


Full article HERE , complimentary of Portland Business Journal

Another interesting Gallery of Neighborhoods: THESE Neighborhoods sold the FASTEST.

“In looking at year-over-year figures, homes sold 19.8 percent more quickly in 2016 than a year earlier, going from 35.1 days in 2015 to 28.1 days in 2016.”

It is helpful

to know where the highest competition is to be found,  as well as where you are expecting to see the biggest increase on price annually!

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