More About Me

Portland is a place for community.

Love where you are! I enjoy the strong sense of community support and friendship visible in our local Portland neighborhoods.
Portland is a place where the city meets suburb and you really can experience the best of both worlds. We are growing quickly, but the feeling of connection is as strong as ever.

Find your own place to call "home".

Assisting you to find the perfect fit is what I do best. Portland has some amazing people, and diverse ways of living! 
Every part of our great city has a different feel - and we can work to find your ideal balance. Would you feel most at home with walkable transit options, near fellow foodie's or nightlife?  Prefer quiet cul-de-sacs, mellow neighborhood strolls, safe streets for riding bikes?
Let's find your perfect spot... one you can't wait to get home to.

Find an agent that works for you.

Let's fine tune what you are hoping to find, and figure out how to guide you on that journey. My ultimate goal is to help you figure out how to make your dreams and wishlist a reality. 
My ability to become your advocate is what sets me aside -- I want to work with you and your best interests. My business is referral based, so making sure my clients are happy and successful is the most important aspect of my business.

Real Estate is a passion.

There is nothing better than seeing a family finally have a backyard that is all thiers. Or seeing a first-time home buyer get to a spot that they no longer have a landlord. (Or helping a downsizing couple have some time to travel after getting rid of a too-large house!) Regardless of where you want to be: I can be a great asset to assisting you get to your next step. I can't wait to find you your version of a perfect home!

Call or email me today, and we can start you on your road home!